Since I've been working out with Micky my whole body shape has changed.  I've lost inches, gained muscle and feel great! Micky's the BEST! -Beth Woodruff

When I decided to start working out, it was because I wanted to tone and lose weight as most of us do. However, I had been having lower back problems and had been receiving physical therapy. Once I was able to start an exercise program, I chose Micky because he works with people with injuries. During my six week session, I gained so much core strength that I was pain free within a couple of weeks. I lost several inches and I went from a size 10 to a 6 by his guidance with exercise and diet. I have continued to use his methods of training and I am still seeing results!!! - Joy Brown

I feel so much better since I started working out with Micky, I have more energy, my joints don't ache, I sleep well, and I am losing weight. - Jean Ann Wacker

I've worked out since I was 15 but Micky's workouts have made me stronger and I have lost over 25 lbs.  My early morning workouts make me more productive at work and help me with stress relief.  I have also learned better nutrition habits.
Micky also pushes to the maximum level w/ my workouts and I like that we are always doing different exercises. - James Weldon

Micky is truly one of a kind when it comes to fitness and training. He keeps the workouts interesting and challenging and motivates you to be better and do better. He instills in you the never give up attitude! - Holly Pap Rocki

I've been working with Micky since May, 2008 when I realized how unhappy I had become with myself.  I have always made efforts to "lose weight" and "get fit" but the motivation and discipline usually fizzled out after a few months.  Not with Micky!  He keeps my workouts fun and intense, helps me stay interested and motivated, is always encouraging,  and he doesn't get "stuck" in same routines.  I get bored easily when I do the same thing over and over.  He recognizes that and challenges me with a variety of exercises, using kickboxing equipment, weight machines, free weights, exercise mats, balls, steps, the list goes on!  Even when I had to stop for almost 6 months due to a back problem, I could not wait to get started back!  I feel better about myself than I've felt in years!  Thanks Micky!! You're the Best!! - Teresa Treadwell


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We're here to help you reach your goal.

After assessment and listening to your Goals, we will put together a personalized plan to help you be as functional as possible while keeping safety in mind! Your Success is our Success here at AdvancedPersonalFitness.com!!

We know that Fitness means different things to different people. Fitness to us means being able to do your daily activities and to do them well! To you it might mean a sexy firm stomach with long, lean arms and a tight rear, or 6 pack abs, bulging biceps and massive pecs!

For some it's just the ability to get in and out of a car with ease or being able to balance when standing up from a church pew without holding on. And for some it's the agility and speed which is necessary for specific sports.

Thank YOU for checking us out at AdvancedPersonalFitness.com and we are honored that you would take the time and invest with us in Fitness and Health!

My Experience

Personal Fitness Trainer covering Athens, Madison, Winterville, Watkinsville, Bishop, Bostwick and Greensboro Georgia.

NFPT Certified - The National Federation of Professional Trainers which is also Nationally accredited.

FMS Certified - Functional Movement Screening (allows me to find the weak links in your movement patterns and work on correcting those as part of your program design)

Mentorships - Mike Boyle from Mike Boyle's Strength and Conditioning in Boston, and Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove from Results Fitness in California

Brown Belt Level 3 - Aikido Martial Arts

One on One training. Semi-Private training and Boot Camps. Body Transformation Challenges. Specialized Focus on Specific Problems - Obesity and Past Injuries.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an E-mail at AdvancedPersonalFitness@gmail.com :-)

Your trainer,
Micky Francis